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Monday, October 22, 2012

Unlimited and Willing

          I have to add this post because I have recently embarked on a new journey.  After 10 years I have decided to enroll back into college and attain that degree I never thought I wanted or needed.  Yeah, it sucks to have to suck up and bite the bullet and eat the words that you once proclaimed so proudly. "I don't need to go to school for what I want to do. I have a natural God given talent for this." 

          Yeah, you can gasp. No I didn't actually say it but in my heart I know I thought it on more than one occasion.  Then as life progressed and I saw the world changing around me and my "God given talent" staring me square in the face as I stood in my bathroom mirror, in a house that I rent. I decided if the world is changing and my talents are not allowing me to change with it, something must not be as I expected.  What could it be?  It certainly isn't the world, its changing constantly. So it must be me.  Then one day while at work. I was watching Denzel Washington on CNN and I heard him tell a story about when he was a child on the Boys and Girls Club of America track team in his local neighborhood.   To make a long story short he said that he was fourth on the team and a new kid came that was faster than him. This kid being faster made him nervous about his position on the relay team.  His coach told him something that inspired him as well as me.  I had been thinking it but couldn't quite grasp the concept until I heard it made plane.  His coach told him, "Yes, Denzel, he is faster than you but he doesn't know how to pass the baton.  Natural talent will only get you so far."  Denzel went on to explain how this stuck with him and pushed him to go into acting in college and continue the honing of his craft well into his acting career.   

          A light bulb went off, the heavens parted, angels melodious voices sang down as I realized I had the talent, the imagination, the drive, and the desire.  But there are skills one can only acquire through higher education. 

 All of that being said, I am now enrolled as a student at Full Sail University currently seeking a Creative Writing Bachelor of Fine Arts.  I have completed the first month and must say I did rather well. I received an "A" on every assignment. Now I anxiously await this second month to come.

I have seemingly effortlessly learned a great many things over the past month.  This college experience is something I bailed on and can't say that I regret for one second. But I do appreciate this second opportunity I have been afforded.  I have a belief that my potential is unlimited and I am certainly willing to test this theory.  I've yet to be proven wrong.  I have however realized my potential while unlimited is only limited when I chose not to pursue.

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