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Monday, July 18, 2011

From a Dream to the Big Screen

                     I have multiple screenplays.  Here are glimpses into some of them. GLIMPSES!

Ammi: The Elder (Prequel to Senrov: The Last Apostle)
     Ammi, being one of Lucifer's generals, regrets his decision to revolt against The Kingdom.  Harboring the same disgust for the human race as his not so fearless leader, Ammi attempts to return home. First having to escape from the clutches of those he would soon betray, Ammi attacks his battle field brethren. Ammi is then forced to tend to the human race until he has redeemed himself in his creator's eyes.  Unable to redeem himself as easily or quickly as he previously assumed, his journey with the humans takes him from battle to battle alongside humans until his heavily hardened heart begins to soften as he see's first hand the love and potential in those he once hated.

Senrov: The Last Apostle
    Thousands of years after the first coming of earth's Messiah, the world has done it's part in making certain his return would be well needed.  Completely oblivious to the nature of what is taking place.  Extra-terrestrial speculations run rampant across the globe as droves of individuals disappear after a beam of light passes over the planet.  Senrov, a man sure of many things in life, wakes up at his very own funeral to find out all he thought he knew didn't so much as touch the tip of the iceberg.  Guided by a desire to find out what's happened to his mother and reveal the truth behind the secret society Pegasus Omega, Senrov learns he has a greater purpose in his life after death.  Mixed with fantastical powers of the supernatural and quips of my take on grey areas of the bible, Senrov: The Last Apostle is sure to leave you satisfied.

Noir X
    Clovis Didier a world renowned scientist, innovative inventor, and Nobel Prize recipient in the field of gene therapy finds out his equally academically impressive wife, Noemi,  has fallen ill to a newly discovered disease.  The final straw being the loss of their first and only child during a difficult pregnancy and ever progressing ailment they decide to uproot lives from their quaint east coast American socialite lifestyle and memories to seek help overseas. After continued occurrences of being unable to cure his wife with their combined knowledge the two now live in a chateau just outside Paris, France Clovis and Noemi put their hopes in the assumed more highly evolved physicians Europe has to offer.  Watching helplessly as all attempts end in failure, Clovis resides with a last ditch effort.  Cloning his wife and transferring her cognitive essence to a newly developed disease free body.  Month after month of trial and error, tweaking his instruments and raking his brain Clovis' sweet Noemi dies in Clovis' lab. As Clovis lay over his wife's lifeless body the clone sits up. In a rage she grabs the closest item to her and knocks Clovis out.  Before she leaves she takes with her several untested serums and potions Clovis had been working on in the lab.  This fuels and begins a relenting feud to destroy one another.  The Clone, having named herself, Ambrosine ingests the stolen serums equipping her and her offspring with unnatural abilities.

Clovis and Ambrosine, both having acquired a team of their own, set out on an unrelenting tail of love lost and wisdom gained as they welcome the streets of Paris into an ever expanding civil war.

(Below are my first choices for cast selection.)
Eamonn Walker / Clovis Didier    Gina Torres / Ambrosine Eustacia         Lance Gross / Gosse

Idris Elba / Cain & Abel    Kerry Washington Coral & Sylvianne      Gerard Butler / Brother Maven

Other Cast Members without Photos
Gabourey Sidibe - Sandrine                     Naturi Naughton - Marquite
Zoe Saldana -Trishell                               Michael Ealy - Cable   
Dewayne Johnson -Jake Johnson             Erica Durance - Xynthia
Erica Hubbard - Brigette                         



A seemingly common man (Thomas Mitchell) tries to cope with his own self assurance and reality as the world around him unravels. Authorities, and citizens alike, struggle to place safeguards against a new mysterious serial killer terrorizing their mid-southern city.  The unfortunate victims all fall under the same category of raven haired mother and daughter duo who also happen to have left behind a grieving husband and father. The victims descriptions suddenly switch and the seemingly common man finds himself in the category of new victims being stalked by the serial killer across the city. Two brothers, police detectives J'von Wilkes and Eddie Wilkes,  battle their own demons slowly creeping out as they hunt the real demon carving his way through their city. Thomas Mitchell buries himself into his work as he tries to maintain his sanity while constantly looking over his shoulder. Coping with the small intricacies of his mediocre life seem meaningless when he finds himself partnered with another victim of the serial killer, left behind husband and father, Blair Denny, as they go up against a sinister murderer hell bent on destroying them and the tormented lives they have left. 

Stephen Dorff - Thomas Mitchell        Laz Alonso - Det. J'von Wilkes               Anthony Mackie - Det. Eddie Wilkes

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